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About Us
Our goal is to come up and develop new ideas, issues, prototypes and products to be implemented in the world of information.
New horizons, new business models open up with the introduction of automation in the newspaper business and with the entry of robotics and artificial intelligence in the newsroom
Newsroom 2.0
On the air
The use of drones to document the devastation of the civil war in Syria
Social tech
The authority of information guaranteed by participation and lack of affiliation to a brand
How long will it take for augmented information to become a revenue-generating product for publishers?
Fact tech
Artificial intelligence as a safeguard against lies in real time.
How can I help?
Machines that are able to ask questions and understand vocal answers while also monitoring facial expressions
Tomorrow's Newspaper
The beholder's eye
Digital innovation means building unique digital products and services to replace our mass product, the traditional newspaper, that is becoming increasingly less valuable

Journalists will have to be able to master multiple languages
Alberto Orioli, Il Sole 24 Ore’s deputy editor, looks at the information of the future
Joe Kahn, managing editor of the New York Times. You need a great newsroom to charge for content
News at 18. Experts in place of journalists, video essays better than articles
Ground rules
What does a machine need to “think like human beings”

Best Practice
Intelligenza naturale
 The NLG engine suitable for both amateur and expert developers
Always on
The app uses posts from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Path and others
Man's best friend
The IBM AI system grinds data tirelessly and solves the practical problems of businesses, cities, and planets
AI Accountant
Software that works as a real-time, financial consultant highlighting trends and problems
Smart design
And the reader is, on average, likely to stop and read for double the amount of time