Google DNI funds projects that will bring AI in our newsrooms

Il Sole 24 Ore and Radio 24 will receive 978k euros in financial support from the Digital News Innovation Fund

In the coming months, with the help of Google, the 24 Ore Group will kick into higher gear in the path towards digitalization. We will push our technology investments into a territory where many publishing companies are not keen to venture, that of data. Il Sole 24 Ore and Radio 24 have obtained funding – a grand total of 978k Euros – from the Digital News Innovation Fund, Google's initiative to promote innovation in the publishing sector in Europe. Our two main news divisions will implement two independent projects, with different goals and teams but with a common element: both will inject artificial intelligence in the workflow of our newsrooms.

When we talk about 'artificial intelligence' we do so for the sake of brevity, with the understanding that this is a somewhat inaccurate definition to quickly frame the general area of development. In truth, our projects are first and foremost editorial and the technological component, while essential, is only secondary.

The projects that got funding from Google DNI are Royalty, for our main publication Il Sole 24 Ore, and AI Anchor, for Radio 24 the news & talk radio of 24 Ore Group.

Our users will have to wait a few months before experiencing our ‘deeply digital’ newspaper and our spiffy AI powered news segments, but we have already seen the first results from these Google projects. In the long process that took us from dim ideas to full rounded projects, so many people in many different divisions of our company have been working together (in many cases for the very first time) in the name of innovation. In our newsrooms, our marketing and the business area, in our IT department. Nerds, geeks, businessmen in impeccable suits, esteemed journalists, number crunchers and attorneys, data scientists and dreamers (our very own and those working with Google DNI), thank you guys!


Pier Paolo Bozzano @bozzfeed
Head of Content Innovation Lab Gruppo 24 Ore