Banjo: live events or breaking news through internet chatter

The app uses posts from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Path and others

Banjo wants to bring users live events through the eyes of those that are witnessing them. The platform mines public, geo-located content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Path, Google Plus, VKontakte and EyeEm and organizes it allowing users to access it through an app and a website.

Banjo’s charismatic founder Damien Patton’s ambition is to beat all other competitors when reporting on something. For example: starting from a series of pictures on Twitter showing a building in flames and comments on Facebook, Banjo can sift through the myriad of news and comments present in social media and decipher what has happened: a fire in Manhattan.

Banjo is not however focused solely on the present, it can be used like a time-machine to sift through all the social media content that was produced in a given time and place in the past.