Inhabit understands the context and creates infographics

And the reader is, on average, likely to stop and read for double the amount of time

Inhabit automatically generates interactive infographics and integrates them into an article through the use of artificial intelligence, in what often looks in part like editorial content and in part an advertisement. The infographics integrate perfectly with the context in which they are used and communicate with an interested reader.

Even if they include a direct reference to a brand, the infographics are seen as part of the article and contribute to reader engagement, enriching content in a factual way that is also functional and often helps to make the session last longer.

The clearest example concerns the coverage of sporting events. Inhabit is able to interpret the context and generate interactive content: a survey on the teams mentioned in the article or a table with some of the players’ statistics in the form of a quiz.

The approach is similar to that of ‘intelligent’ articles that are able to adapt to the needs of a particular reader based on the context, place, and time at which they are read. The result is that the reader stops and dedicates the article on average twice the time he would do so otherwise.